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Family Friday (vol. 88): Holiday Spirit!

A woman from my book club typically hosts our December book club…but she declined hosting this year as she’s preparing to move. For the holidays, we opt for someone’s home over a restaurant and include an ornament exchange. If we get to talking about the book, it’s a bonus. Last year’s was so much fun and the hostess has THE perfect house for entertaining. I live in a lovely home and I’m not complaining, but it’s a home-y home, not a home that’s perfectly suited for entertaining. Plus, we still have the GAPING hole in our kitchen ceiling that is more than likely not going to be repaired by December 12th.

But I offered up our home and it really got me in the holiday spirit. I’ve got my ornament purchased for our exchange and I’m furiously searching Pinterest for the best of the best cocktails and desserts to serve. No one is going to care that our house isn’t perfect for entertaining or the fact that our Christmas tree is two-toned LED bulbs (blue on bottom, white on top) and the tree legs are on TOP of the tree skirt (oh, husband…). It’s all laughable and fun. Plus, I never entertain ANYONE outside of our immediate family. They’ll all understand the marker stains on the carpet – we’re moms!

Anyway, I’m about 90% done with holiday shopping and packages are arriving in rapid succession on our front porch. I have no idea what I’m going to do when I actually have to be a SNEAKY Santa because right now, everything holiday wrapping and to-be-wrapped is sitting in my front entry way….which will need to be removed before book club in a few weeks. I got this.

Work has been busy and my Christmas cards are staring at me unaddressed (but our nanny put all the envelope liners in – LOVE HER TO PIECES!!), but IT’S ALL GOOD. We even left to go swimming at 7pm last night. WHO ARE WE?! And, it was all Mark’s idea. He’s totally trying to be the cool dad. And it’s totally working.

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