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Creamy Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta

I presented my 18-month long leadership project today. I was the last of 12 presentations and I wasn’t nervous until minutes before I was to present. Then, crazy palm sweats! I had worked hard on my slides and the project was one I was proud of. Two people from my department surprised me by coming to watch in the room full of people so I was definitely feeling the love!

I’m glad it’s over! Phewwwww!!!

I left there and promptly came home to walk the dog. It was in the 30’s and sunny and I was craving some activity after sitting, quite literally, ALL DAY. I was also avoiding picking up Shea too early for fear of her wrath – she loves staying on Tuesdays for afterschool care. However, she did ask that she not be the last one picked up. An interesting request from a child who is never the first nor the last child at daycare. Ever.

After my walk with Harlie, I hopped on the Peloton…and the treadmill. I’m trying to finish my book club book for Thursday evening and there’s a high likelihood that that will not happen in time. I wasted too many hours reading the book I was committed to only because I had paid $8 for it and had high hopes for the work of one of my favorite authors. BONK. I need to stop wasting time on book that are uninspiring. I nod off every time I start reading and they take me weeks and weeks to complete.

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