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Family Friday (vol. 88): Holiday Spirit!

A woman from my book club typically hosts our December book club…but she declined hosting this year as she’s preparing to move. For the holidays, we opt for someone’s home over a restaurant and include an ornament exchange. If we get to talking about the book, it’s a bonus. Last year’s was so much …

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Creamy Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta

I presented my 18-month long leadership project today. I was the last of 12 presentations and I wasn’t nervous until minutes before I was to present. Then, crazy palm sweats! I had worked hard on my slides and the project was one I was proud of. Two people from my department surprised me by coming …

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Easy Deep Dish Pizza Dough

I adore Pizza, in any way shape or form.  Generally speaking, I like to make my own.  Of course when I was younger, that usually involved using a pizza kit/mix from the shops, either Chef Boy Ar Dee or Kraft and we always enjoyed them.  In fact that was the first kind of pizza I ever had.  I had a …

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How To Cook a Pork Roast in the Slow Cooker — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Pork loin roast, with its golden, tender crust and moist, supple center, stars as the centerpiece of holiday tables and dinner parties alike. Its large size, however, means it can easily dry out in the oven, which is why we now turn to the slow cooker for a fail-proof way to cook pork loin …

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Zucchini & Sausage White Bean Stew

We are three days into our Local Thirty experiment and so far things are going really well. No one is starving, and we’re actually feeling pretty damn good! I’m going to keep recipe posts short as I’m working on a longer post/multiple chapters to write about this experience towards the end of the mo…

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Mile High Meringue & Lemon Tart

I’ve been dying to make a lemon tart for some time now.   Since Spring is here and for some reason lemon meringue feels so very Spring to me, it was time to make it happen.   What makes a really nice lemon meringue tart? aligncenter size-la

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Korean food photo: Mak Kimchi finally! made by jes!

Mak Kimchi finally!

Ever since I accidentally discovered Maangchi on YouTube 2 years ago, I’ve been trying out most of your recipe. One thing that I’ve always wanted to try at the back of my mind is the Mak Kimchi recipe. However, I’ve been living on my own and I travel frequently not to mention I move a lot. In thes…

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Homemade Strawberry Jam

Nothing beats homemade strawberry jam made with fresh berries!  This jam only uses three ingredients without added  pectin.
homemade strawberry jam

I have made homemade strawberry jam for years.  In the past, I have always made freezer jam using the powdered pectin you can buy at the store. Last year when I was in France …

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Quick and Easy Egg Roll Skillet Meal

Get your egg roll fix with this delicious egg roll skillet meal! All the tasty flavors of an egg roll…just a heck of a lot easier (and a lot healthier, too!). 

Ground turkey, cabbage, naan in white bowl drizzled with sweet and sour sauce.

Oh my goodness, this unassuming looking meal is one of the yummiest things to come out of my kitchen all year. 

I was literally hopi…

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